Montag, 21. Februar 2011


Why am I a fan of modern Technology ?

I think that the youth today can’t live without the modern Technology. Modern Technology is used every day like in school, at home or just to go.

I’m using modern Technology everyday. My mobile phone is always by me, the computer every evening on and the TV is used every midday to watch the news.

The mobile phone is nowadays very important for many teenagers or adults, it has become a status symbol. The blackberry, i-phone, htc, nokia or any other phones are not any longer used to phone. There are used to send e-mails, surf in the internet, make photos, download apps and more.

Also the computer is not only there to write e-mails or things like that, most of teenagers use the computer to log in platforms like facebook, netlogg and twitter.

It’s hard to imagine living without modern technologies, all would be more complicated. But all in all you shouldn’t forget that if you put too much for free it can quickly get dangerous in Internet.

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

correction - Hans Brinker Hotel

Hans Brinker Hotel

The Hans Brinker Hotel located in the centre of Brighton near the Seaside is a perfect Hotel for schools.

From the outside the appearance of the hotel might be massive but inside it's quite comfortable. There are about 150 rooms, I think. They are all well furnished. In every room you can find a bed, a TV, a minibar, a mirror and a telephone. Every single room has got a window, which is a positiv point in my opinion.

About the service there is nothing to recommend or complain about. The only thing, that is a little problem is that in the rooms there is no shower or toilet. The bathrooms are situated in the floors and so you have to share the bathrooms with other guests.

But all in one I think it's a good hotel for schooltrips because the location is good and the rooms are not to bad.
Of course it would be easier if the bathroom had been situated in our own rooms, but for some days you can deal with it.

Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

Dear Adam,

I´m glad to hear from you and can´t wait to meet you.

Oh, it sounds interresting, but i´ve never done this before so i would like to try it.
My favourite band is also the Kaiser Chiefs, and my hobbies are playing basketball, going to the cinema and playing computer games.

Oh, yes it would be fun to go out at the evenings or just at the weekends.
One day I would like to visite a castle if there is one near your place.

I can't wait to see you.

Yours, Lucie

Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Bent it like Beckham

The film „Bent It Like Beckham“ was directed by Gurinder Chadha and was realised 2002. The comedy takes place close to London and tells the story of the Pakistan girl Jesminder, who wants to become a professional football player.

Jess Kaur Bhamra (Jesminder) loves to play soccer and to get into a real soccerteam, but her parents a strictly against that because its a religious pakistan family and they want jess to get a real women. One day while Jess was playing football in the park Jules Paxton (Juliette) see her playing and ask her if she wants to play in a serious girlteam. After a while jules and jess get best friends.

The soundtrack of the film is a mix between british and indian songs.

Jesminder is a shy, geek girl who doesn't want to disappoint her parents.Juliette is a self-confindent girls who plays the leader.Joe (the coach) does everything for his girlteam.

Jesminder's parents Mr. and Mrs. Bhamra are very strict and religious. They want Jess to learn cooking instead of playing football.Pinky Jess' sister is very nice and helpful but she can´t understand her sister. In the film she get's married.Jules' parents are very proud of her only daugther and they buy her everything she wants.Althought her mother want's Jules to be more lady-like.

The film “Bent it like Beckham” shows the differences between the culturs. If you really try hard for your dreams you can reach them. So don't let you influences from others.

I don't really enjoyed the film because I saw him several times and I don't like soccer.

Donnerstag, 21. Januar 2010



Dear Lisa,

so first i want to know how you are doing and what you are doing all the time.
I´ve got some new news about the school. I had a maths test which decides if i get an 2 in the final grad in the school report i hope i did well. But i still have problems in physics so i will have a bad mark in that subject. All in i´m happy about my school achievement.
Soon we will have a sportweek in april it will be great fun. We can learn different sports like golf ,kayak or climbing it will be very interresting. The sportweek will takes place in salzburg its a big city and in the evenings we will be allowed to spent our free-time there.
One last thing. Do you remember my best friend Sophie? Well she had a break with Lukas her boyfriend after 1 year relation but now they are together again. I´m really happy about that.
I hope you write back as soon as you can too inform me about your live. I miss you and i´m looking forward to see you in the next holidays.

Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009



More and more teenagers start taking drugs. Why do they do that ?

Teenagers often start to take drugs because it is cool or they probably have problems at home or a weak personality. The problem is that the addicts are not well informed about consequences of drugs. The most important thing is the health problem that they will get. For example mental disorders. It´s also very difficult to get away from drugs, when you are addicted. Now some addvice: If you think that you have a problem with drugs (that means if you know that you can´t live without them anymore) inform yourself on the internet about some rehab clinics.
Another point: you probably should change your friends and talk with your parents or with a social networker in your school.

Montag, 16. November 2009


Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can affect the health of their unborn children

Have you ever seen a picture of an alcohol deformed face of a child?
Drinking during pregnancy can seriously affect the health and development of their unborn children.
These babies will have delay in their development, learning and behaviour problems.
Alcohol in a mother´ s blood crosses over to the baby through the placenta so that the baby will have the same blood level of alcohol as the mother.
The problem is around half of all pregnancies are not planned and women may not know they are pregnant until about the 6th week of the pregnancy or later.
If you stop drinking alcohol when you know that you are pregnant will increase your chances of having a healthy baby. We do not know how much alcohol during pregnancy is on a save level, less alcohol is better, but no alcohol is the best and safest choice. Some babies exposed to high levels of alcohol will die before they are born. The sad thing is that they do not care and so they continue drinking. babies affected by FAS are smaller than expected at birth and have unusal facial features including small eye-openings, small faces and jaws and thin upper lips.